Monday, 26 January 2009

Zit Zapper

Yes, ok it's not the sexiest subject (or product for that matter) but they affect each and every one of us so they're worth writing about. What am I talking about? Spots and solutions to wipe them out.

Luckily I don't suffer greatly but many of my friends do and the product name that often crops up as a great, hardworking product is Blemish Complex.

Developed by US dermatological genius Dr.Murad, Blemish Complex is a three-stage kit with a Clarifying Cleanser, Exfoliating Blemish Treatment Gel, Skin Perfecting Lotion to lock in moisture plus a target formula for individual spots. What's great is that it's been developed to not only treat inflammation, but to prevent further skin outbreaks.

It's also free from the drying agent Benzyol Peroxide and in its place lies Salicyclic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide, which treat the bacteria that causes spots but without having an adverse effect on the skin.

Hopefully you'll be spot free in no time.


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