Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Back to Boots

Good old Boots. Not only do they stock everything you could possibly ever need in terms of beauty products, healthy snacks and last minute holiday essentials, but they've never forgotten their roots nor veered from their philosophy of great, hard working formulations which are value for money.

Being a vintage lover, I was delighted to see the re-introduction of the Boots Original Beauty Formula products on Boots.com. Using old formulation books and researching the key ingredients that were traditionally used in Boots' earliest skincare offering, they've delivered a range that ticks all the boxes. With the collection spanning an Overnight Cream, Body Cream, Day Cream, Lip Salve and the beautifully packaged Bath Foam, it's sure to be just as covetable this time around. And none of the products are more than £12.50.


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