Friday, 9 January 2009

Baby Gain

I mentioned previously that one of my closest friend's, Pamela, is due to give birth next month. She's one of those 'looks amazing, hasn't put on any weight' type of pregnant ladies. Very irksome! I think I weigh more than her and I'm not carrying around another human being. I'm hoping Bikram will sort me out! But anyway, she looks beautiful and glowing and I'm very excited about meeting him/her next month!

Anyway, with just 4 weeks or so until the delivery day, I need to start thinking about things to buy her, not just baby grows and the like for the little nipper. First thing on my list is a candle (sorry, I told you I was in candle mode today) from possibly the best named home candles in the world, Scent of a Scandal.

Every candle name is tres scandalicious such as Knocked Up, Kiss My Ash and Walk of Shame but I shall be purchasing the Hot Mama variety. Think sugar and spice and all things nice. The candles are a huge cult favourite in LA and are hand-poured, made from 100% soy wax and of course the names will make you smile as you inhale the delicious scents.

Just what a new mum needs when the baby's gone down for the night. Bliss!


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