Friday, 30 January 2009

The Beauty Spot: Noella Gabriel

Introducing our new feature, The Beauty Spot. In this section we speak to industry experts, brand founders, make up artists and beauty boffins about their lives and their careers. Not only is it interesting to read but you'll learn lots of new beauty knowledge too!

In the 'Spot' light this week – Noella Gabriel, Elemis’ Director of Product and Treatment Development.

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Noella Gabriel, Director of Elemis Product & Treatment Development.

2. Describe a day in your life?
Because my direction runs across many divisions it can start with a meeting at the counter in Harvey Nichols, to a meeting on New Product Development or on the Eurostar to Paris or meeting a journalist or calling a journalist to give a quote, to jumping on a plane to Japan to launch Elemis in a new country. So no two days are the same and my day is not about pushing paper but good and clear communication with people to educate them on the Elemis brand from the store level to our top trainers, or indeed a business meeting to discuss the future of Elemis in a spa or retail development. Running alongside that is being a Mum and making sure my daughter Kate's needs are met and she is supported - they are my priorities.

3. What are some of your favourite beauty products or treatments?
My regular Elemis facial is a must and top of my list. Another treatment every woman should have on their list is a pedicure. I love the Nails Inc pedicures and polishes - they give me the feel good factor. My other regular purchase is Bobbi Brown lipgloss.

4. What new developments are you seeing in the world of skincare?
Over the last 5 years for Elemis it has been about serious skincare, good anti-ageing supported with clinical trials. The next 1-2 years will be 'back to basics' to ensure we secure brand loyalty and ensure return clients.

5. Who else do you admire in the beauty world?
Hard working make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury who creates fabulous looks and never fails to bring a new edge. She also appreciates the importance of skincare as a base for make-up.

6. What elements do you think make up a good skincare routine?
You must have the basics right: a good cleanser, whether a wash off or cream cleanser, a prescribed toner and your prescribed day and night cream all supported with a good lifestyle consultation. Your lifestyle is constantly changing and as a result skin and body needs change, so regular updates and a change of product are a must.

7. Any tips for fighting anti-ageing?
Ageing & premature ageing accelerates through lifestyle choice i.e. you choose to smoke, drink, or live in a polluted city, so we must have an awareness around how each one of us manifests our lifestyle choices through our skin and body. With this awareness we can have a good homecare routine that changes to meet the ever changing needs. This is a classic example of how awareness of our needs is very important and this can be achieved through consultation, such as the free Elemis SkinLabs in-store.

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