Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hari Yoga - Who'd have thought?!

Not content with having a super successful clothing line, Lainey Sheridan-Young, founder of the uber cool clothing line Hari, has expanded into the yoga field...and I for one am ecstatic!

Lainey has 15 years experience in various yoga practices and is also a fully qualified instructor. Her fascination lies in Nada yoga - the notion of incorporating sound into the sequence to help you to engage your yoga asana (body position) - this includes working with different genres of music - hip hop, reggae, ska, electro, rock and pop - whatever suits the moment and the yogi. Her style is totally dynamic and envigorating - a total workout for mind and body.

The private yoga class with Lainey is a fantastic opportunity for both beginners and advanced yoga lovers to rapidly increase the rate at which they develop their personal practice and a chance to focus on your individual requirements in a private environment. No more looking silly in front of that good looking chap in the front row!

To book a private lesson or inquire about classes call +44207 262 2286
or email

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