Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Beyonce For C&A

Like Kate Moss, Beyonce Knowles seems to be taking over the advertising world - L'Oreal, Giorgio Armani, Pepsi and her own House Of Dereon line (co-owned with her mother Tina who designs all of B's costumes).

And now she's the face of and designer of a capsule collection for fast-fashion chain C&A and will star in the Valentine's Day campaign for the brand in Brazil (where V Day is celebrated on 12th June.)

She looks amazing, I think you'll agree.

Diptyque - I like

Diptyque is one of my favourite fragrance brands (not just because I used to help PR it in the UK many moons ago) because it's a fragrance line with a personality and a history. It's not endorsed by the latest celebrity darling, nor does it splash itself around on vast billboards around the globe - it simply is what it is... a stunning collection of old-school scents that have a heart, a fragance heart.

Their latest scent, Vetyverio, lives up to my expectations. It's encased in the signature heavy glass bottle with hand drawn label (well, they were hand drawn back in the day) and upon application you are enveloped into a fine fragrance cloud consisting of fresh grapefruit and soft rose. Whilst it sounds like quite a feminine scent, it's really not the case. I'd be happy to smell this on the neck of His Lordship without thinking, 'whoops, he's picked up my perfume by mistake.'

Share and share alike, I say.

Available to buy now.

Skincare Star

I'm currently testing a new product, and I have to admit - I'm liking it. Alot. In fact, the tester is practically bare, given my obsession with application upon application.

My current product passion? Cellular Marine Cream from !QMS Medicosmetics, the medical skincare range developed by cosmetics surgeon and skin regeneration researcher Dr Erich Schulte.

The cream was developed using ground-breaking technology from sea fennel plant stem cells and is said to help "erase lines while enhancing the stimulation of new skin cells, improving the skin's metabolism while leaving it radiant and rejuvenated".

I've only been using the cream for a week so I cannot place a guarantee on the line erasing elements (and I'm 28 years old so I don't have too many lines... yet) but I can say that it is a joy to use and makes my skin feel smoother, more moisturised with a happy sheen. Since my holiday I've developed a couple of brown skin spots and this has definitely helped to lighten them a touch - I imagine with further use that these would lighten even more.

When I get my hands on more, I'll continue on this merry path and let you know how I get on with the lines!

Definitely a brand to keep your eye on.

Cellular Marine (Stem Cell Line Eraser) 30 ml £200

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Get Glamorous - The SATC Way

After the frenzy of last night's Sex And The City 2 premiere in New York (read: the homeland) I am even more excited about seeing the second film. Glamour, laughter, tears, shoes, travel, shopping, eating, men and sex - what more could a girl want?

Maybe just one last thing - to celebrate the launch of the film, Cowshed are offering a ton of goodies which you can enjoy while you sit back and enjoy SATC re-runs at their spas.

Here’s the scoop on what's on offer:
A 20% discount on Cowshed products online and in store on Thursday 27th May (the film’s launch date)

Enjoy a SATC-themed mani or pedi choosing from the huge range of Essie colours including: Fifth Avenue, Down Town Brown, Looking for Love, Big Spender and Hi Maintenance.

Sip a Cowshed cocktail - Crazy Carries and Sensible Charlottes will be on hand to keep you well-watered.

Spend over £20 on products in store or online and you’ll automatically be entered into an exclusive competition to win the ultimate Sex And The City experience for two.

From Monday 24th May to Friday 4th June.
Offer available at all London Cowshed spas and stores and

Sense In The Sun

I'm off to New York and then a road trip around the East Coast of the good old US of A for my honeymoon in July - I cannot wait!

However, I'll be needing some serious SPF help as we'll be spending a whole lotta time outdoors. To ensure my face remains looking its 28 years (ok, almost 29), I will be slathering on my latest suncream discovery, Sun Sense Daily Face SPF 50+.

All the way form Oz, (and they know the sun) this is the ideal way to protect sensitive (Scottish) skin in the sun.
It sinks in easily, has an oil-free base (so doesn't make you shiny), is tinted for a sheer matte finish and gives you complete confidence as you go about your business.

I'm protected - and so should you be.

Sun Sense Daily Face SPF 50+
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