Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy Birthday Christy

This month supermodel Christy Turlington graces the front cover of W magazine and is featured by way of a slideshow on their website, to celebrate her 40th brithday. Christy, even at the grand old age of 40 (!), epitomises modern beauty. Sleek, powerful features but in a 'gorgeous girl next door' kind of way. So beautiful but in a weirdly non-threatening way (unless she's standing next to you of course!)

Like many of the other Supers who reigned supreme in the 80's and 90's, Turlington has bagged her fair share of high profile ad campaigns recently - Escada, Bally etc and deservedly so. Who really wants to see a 16 year old modelling clothes/accessories that a. they could never afford so is not a credible 'sales agent' for the product and b. looks like your young cousin who just raided mummy's make up bag and closet?!

Bring back real, glamorous women I say!

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