Monday, 29 December 2008

My Face

No, it's not an iPod, it's actually one of the products from Charlotte Tilbury's new beauty range Myface.Cosmetics.

Now, if you haven't heard of Charlotte Tilbury then shame on you! Every beauty buff worth her stuff knows that CT is one of the most admired and influential make-up artists in the world. When she's not working on the faces of the rich and famous, CT can be found backstage at fashion shows, working at 'grass roots' level trying out new, edgy looks on fresh faced models.

Now, us mere mortals can also take advantage of her professional skills and knowledge with the launch of the make-up brand Myface.cosmetics.By combining the expertise of a make-up artist with high quality products and high-tech packaging, myface.cosmetics literally syncs a person’s make-up with their skin tone. Genius or what.

So, in laymen's terms, it basically means that you shop by shade, according to your skintone and can kiss goodbye to the dreaded tide marks and over-orange look forever!

CT said: “The most common question people ask me is ‘What colour lip gloss, blush etc. would you use on my face?’ The right colours dramatically enhance your overall appearance and the wrong ones can really detract.”

Straight from the horse's mouth.

Myface Mymix Rouge Blusher Fair is my favourite product in the range (£9.78). Say hello to 'glowing in all the right ways' cheeks.

Make-up fit for a Dame

Hello Possums! Who doesn't love Dame Edna Everage? With her big glasses, her glittery, spangling clothes and not forgetting her BIG personality! I love her! And now you and I can look like her too, thanks to MAC Cosmetics! Ehem, well, maybe not look like her but inject all the fun and comedy of her character into your make up bag with her limited edition collection.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Including products like Dame Edna Royal Tour Eye Trio and Dame Edna Tinted Lipglass, you can't help but smile as you apply your morning make up. I've read a few negative things on other blogs about this collection, primarily due to people's concern that Dame Edna is not a classic 'beauty icon'. I say lighten up! Life is for fun and enjoyment and this collection is the perfect companion for such a sunny outlook.

My favourite product? Dame Edna Hi-Light Powder (£16.64) in the 'What a Dame' shade. The packaging is pure genius.

A is for Apothia

It always takes ages for us Brits to 'get with the program', as the Yanks like to say. Apothia, the hip, LA born brand of cleverly named scented candles and delicious fragrances (like Velvet Rope) is now firmly installed in the UK and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

Just today, after peeling the spuds (it's not all glamour you know) I lavished the delicious liquid that is their new Hand & Body Wash (£19) on my overworked hands. What a joy - and it didn't leave my hands dried out either.

My only advice? Use sparingly and keep out of reach of children (those pesky rug rats don't deserve such delights!)

Ron Robinson = genius.

Available from Liberty and The Conran Shop

Tea Time

Sorry to keep banging on about the festive period but I just had to tell you one last thing.

Let me start at the beginning. I’m sure I've lived before, in a simpler time when things like television and iPods didn't exist and the only thing worth living for was the promise of a roll in the hay and a nice cup of tea. I don't know where this idea comes from but I spend much of my life browsing the vintage rails for old fashioned dresses and popping along to any car boot sale that promises to be selling old school tea sets and the like! Hmm...

On Christmas day I received an exquisite vintage tea set – I dropped a few hints around November and lo and behold, come December 25th, nestled regally under the long, spindly arms of the tree was a set that I will forever cherish. But such precious tea cups cannot have any old ‘builder’s tea’ sloshed around in their
finery. Oh no, that will just not do.

Thankfully one of my favourite fragrance houses, Miller Harris, has brought some delicious, fragrant alternatives to the market place. Lyn Harris is such a noble ‘nose’ and has created 3 teas with the same depth and elegance as her fine fragrances. All come with top, heart and base notes and offer a delicate, balanced alternative to regular English Breakfast.

My favourite is Thé Pétales. This light and feminine tea is an exceptionally pure blend of Vanilla Ceylon tea and Rose Absolute from Turkey. With a heart of Taiwanese White Tip Oolong, Geranium Bourbon and Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar, this exquisite tea demands the prettiest of cups. Cue the clinking of fine china...


Eye Spy Old Age

No one wants to get old but sadly, it's a fact of life. Drr! In order to keep the wrinkles and other line nasties at bay, I've started a full-on assault (but in the most gentle way of course) on my skin.

Aside from the anti-ageing moisturisers and other non-surgical attempts to hold back the clock, I've also invested in my eyes. Remember ladies, your eyes are the window to your soul and as you age, you simply cannot afford to let them slide (literally!)

Log onto to discover the wonderful world of Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare. Founded by Liz Earle, a former beauty journalist, author and TV presenter and Kim Buckland, an expert in manufacturing, packaging and marketing, it's a beauty match made in heaven. I can comfortably put hand on heart and say that this is the best skincare line around. Using natural ingredients that actually work and housed in simplisitic packaging, the products do the talking and the results speak for themselves.

I recently invested in the Day & Night Eye Care Duo to help keep my peepers looking perfect. Use the Daily Eye Repair, a light triple action cream in the morning to help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines around your eyes, mouth and forehead. Containing light-reflective particles to conceal and help brighten dark under eye shadows and SPF10 mineral sunscreen to protect against UV light, this is the perfect daytime companion. I love it!

Come nightfall, switch to Smoothing Line Serum. Use this ultra-light, oil-free serum
to help plump and firm the area around your eyes as well as lips, forehead and décolletage. It's made from a combination of potent botanical ingredients including antioxidant grapeseed extract and soothing echinacea for softer, smoother skin. It's such a joy to use.

Trust me, I'm looking more youthful and line-free since I began my eye/line regime and I'm still staying up late watching SATC re-runs, drinking red wine and very occasionally forgetting to take my make-up off. Naughty me!

Come on, follow my lead.

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare Day & Night Eye Care Duo £22.50

Skin Saviour

At this time of year when the most important things are visiting relatives and trying to fight off the annual cold epidemic, your skin can often be forgotten about…until it’s too late.

I have recently become the victim of dry, painful skin on my cheeks and chin – not nice to touch and definitely not nice to look at. A close friend told me she’d recently stumbled across Rescue Cleansing Balm by Alpha-H and after just a few applications, her skin has never looked better.

Not all that convinced that this would be the answer to my problems, I squeezed out a 50p sized amount of the product and applied it to my damp face. Massaging it gently into my skin, it’s waxy, gel-like formula felt so nourishing and soft. After applying a little water, it foamed up into a lather which I then rinsed off. Just 3 applications later my skin was super hydrated, sleek to the touch and more radiant than ever. I was astounded and very, very happy with the result.

The combination of Grapeseed oil, Rosehip oil and Vitamin E make this a unique cleanser that effortlessly washes away dirt and gives you the best, most hydrated skin of your life.

Fresh, radiant, calm skin. What is more important in life?

Alpha-H Rescue Cleansing Balm £27.40

Merry Christmas Scoopers

Hello Beauty Scoopers,

I hope you had a great Christmas and received some fabulous beauty booty. Personally I was overwhelmed by the gifts, food and generosity of the day. Credit crunch? What credit crunch. The bottom of my family tree was overflowing with incredible gifts and I couldn't believe just how generous everyone had been despite the dire economic climate. Naughty people.

My favourite gift? Aside from the obligatory chocolate mice that my Father dearest buys me every year it had to be the Jo Malone Perfume Wardrobe. Wowwwww! Now I know it's not a cheap alternative but if you want to smell delicious all year round, this is the gift for you. Right now I'm sporting the wintery lusciousness of Pomegranate Noir but come next month I'll probably tire of the heady notes and change to the lighter freshness of the classic Lime, Basil & Mandarin.

You can't go wrong.

Jo Malone Perfume Wardrobe £577.40 (gulp!)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Bobbi Does It Again!

The mini make-up maestro that is Bobbi Brown just keeps 'em coming! Not content with helping women look more beautiful every day, she's also cornering the gifting marketplace with her divine Christmas collections.

"This collection is about having fun with make-up...high colour, high shimmer and a bit of pizzazz," says Bobbi, and boy do I agree. The metallic six shade selection of glittering, limited edition colours are available to buy now. Pick just one, like my favourite Indigo Nights, or collect them all and make a delicious palette to see you through the party season!

£14 each. Available at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide or online at

Friday, 19 December 2008

Drive away the Dryness

At this time of year my skin's consistency is similar to that of a snake. In fact, I'm surprised that when I turn around I don't find a layer of skin trailing behind me. I am constantly frustrated by the look and feel of my skin - why was I not born with silky, soft, sleek skin like Gisele or Bar? Hmm. I can however help myself in a margin way - with the application of this works: enjoy really rich lotion. It feeds and hydrates my whole body, thanks to the natural strength of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera blended with oils including Rose and Geranium to help nourish the skin. It glides on and sinks in immediately which means that I can apply it morning and night and not have to hang around for hours waiting for it to dry. Thank you Kathy Phillips!


I've Found it

Before I go any further I must tell you that this cream is VERY expensive but it's SO worth the investment.

At a recent press launch for beauty e-tailer, Zuneta (one half of the team, Zu, was previously a Product Developer for L'Oreal so she knows her stuff) I was given a large pot of Found's ISTR- Anti-aging moisturiser.

At £95.91 it's pretty steep for a moisturiser but after trialling it for 3 weeks, I can say that my skin is definitely in better condition and very, very nourished - in fact, there's not a dry patch in sight. Although it's supposed to be a Day Cream, I like to keep it by my bed and slather it on (sparingly!) just before I hit the light.

The special ingredient is Oyster extract. The inspiration to use an oyster extract came from the reputation oysters have as being a 'miracle food'. This extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.ISTR has a high level of active ingredients, which work hard to combat ageing, as well as restructuring, nourishing, firming, moisturising and smoothing the skin. And trust me, it really does.

Buy it exclusively at

And remember to keep your eye out for more Found products.They ensure that the main product ingredients are scientifically proven to be effective so you can be sure you're investing your cash wisely (unlike those silly City Bankers) in thier beauty booty.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Become MORE beautiful? Surely not?!

Just when you thought you knew ever trick in the beauty book to make you look younger and more beautiful, you stumble across another one.

I recently had Eyelash Extensions 'fitted' at Vaishaly Patel's Clinic on Marylebone High Street in London. I arrived looked like a dishrag and left looking like I'd just posed for the February issue of Vogue.

Daxita, she of dexterous hands, takes just one hour to apply up to 50 individual lashes, that bond discreetly to your own to give an oh-so fabulous flutter.
I left the clinic in disbelieve at how good I could look at 9am on a Saturday morning with no make up on and last night's red wine session still hovering.

At £150 a pop it's not cheap but this does cover the initial session and a follow-up refill two weeks later. Once you pop, you can't stop. Seriously!

Visit to find out more.
Until tomorrow, beauty out.

Eye Candy

I change mascaras as often as I change my men (ehem, only kidding husband-to-be!) but I've finally found one that I want to hold on to. Bobbi Brown's Everything/Lash Glamour Mascara Duo (£21) is seriously worth investing in.

Apply one layer of Everything, followed by 2 coats of Lash Glamour and say 'Hello Wonder Eyes'! Is it wrong to be in love with a beauty product?!

Buy it in bulk ladies, because this one is limited edition! Why Bobbi, why?

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Beauty Scoop is Back

Did you miss me? Well, I sure missed you and boy do I have a ton of beauty bits to give you today...all the way from the Big Apple. That's right, I've gone to the beauty capital of the world to bring you the best 'bites' from across the pond.

Are you ready? Let's go...
1. First up is a divine range called Sabon. I hopped into their store on Prince Street in the heart of Soho and was treated to a gorgeous, revitalising hand and arm scrub in their signature Patchouli Lavender Vanilla scent, followed by a layer of their deliciously creamy body lotion in the same scent. Aside from that and the amazing service, I also fell in love with their Relaxing Massage Oil - it's great for a moisture boost before bedtime and contains grapeseed, neroli and lavender oil to soothe. Slather it on and wake up smooth and silky skinned. Or, if you like to share, why not treat the man in your life to a back massage? If that doesn't get him in the mood, I don't know what will.

Ehem, back to the beauty!

2. Next up is The Balm. I discovered this 'cute as a button' brand whilst perusing the many aisles of Sephora. This brand was founded by beauty lover (aren't we all?) Marissa Shipman, who'd had enough of the corporate world and wanted to make products that not only smelled delicious but also made people look and feel fabulous. Eh voila, The Balm was born! In a similar vein to Benefit, The Balm seeks to take a cheeky spin on each product but never comprises on workability. My personal favourite is their lipstick Read My Lips (in the 'Scoop' shade of course!) Another must have is Bahama Mama - no, not the low rent nightclub in Hoboken, NJ but their amazingly flattering bronzing powder! Check it out at

3. Who's next, I hear you cry? Why it's Bath Junkie. I stumbled across this sleek sanctuary on my way to Lupa (the best Italian in NYC) I opened the door and was transported into a world of high end spa 'paraphernalia' - what is not to love about that? BJ is great because it provides great, friendly service while offering us consumers hard working, amazing products. Their concept is pretty simple, but totally unique. You decide how you want your product to smell (they have over 200 fragrances to choose from) and, say you want everything to smell of strawberries but you have a blue bathroom, they'll turn the strawberry smelling product blue! No more worrying about colour matching and just think, you can adapt your favourite fragrance to match every bathroom in your house. Super, super cool. My favourite is the Chanel # 5 type...FYI present buyers!!!

4. To finish, perhaps one of my favourite beauty discoveries thus far - Red Flower. An exquisite, darkly lit shop on Prince Street, I was almost frightened to go in but I'm so glad that I did. Nestled within its dark interior lies the secret to true beauty contentment. Ok, that might be pushing it slightly but I have definitely discovered a thoughtful, fragrance focused product line that could melt the coldest of hearts. Aside from the beautiful fragrances (icelandic moonflower, north american lilac and himalayan larch to name but a few) the candles are a must buy. Perhaps the cutest are the 'Little Candles' which are accompanied by matches that could fit in Tom Thumb's pocket. A lovely gift for that someone special in your life (you!)

Ok, that's it for now but I'll be back asap for more scooping fun! NYC forever.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

R.I.P Bagpuss

Ok, so it's technically not beauty related but who can deny the sheer loveliness of Bagpuss? A classic beauty, both inside and out, I was genuinely sad to hear about the death of BP's creator Oliver Postgate. Sometimes it's not just beauty products that make you feel happy and warm: quite often it's the people and the tattered old childhood memories that make you feel at your beauty best.
So long old chum. We'll miss you x

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Beauty Scoop is away

Hello Scoopers,

I'm off on holiday but fear not as I shall return on Tuesday with tales of what I've seen and what new beauty booty I've discovered.

Until then, stay beautiful x

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Protect Yourself

There's nothing more unattractive than dry, flaky skin (well, there is but it's well up there with the other unsightly unmentionables) so it's paramount that you slather on moisturiser in these brisk winter times.

To echo the words of a feminine hygiene advert, I've discovered a skincare product that "won't let me down", Prescriptives Comfort Cream.This product contains natural lecithin which soothes and seals in moisture while providing pretection from the elements. Kukui Nut Extract also soothes and comforts dry skin so you can be sure that your skin is being looked after.

Well worth putting on your hat and scarf and hot footing it to the nearest Prescriptives counter for. Alternatively, you can shop online...

Comfort Cream 50ml £30

Classic Beauty

I am a lover of all things vintage: Red wine, Paul McCartney and Veronica Lake style beauty to name but a few.
A beauty brand that has got me all a-flutter is Mad et Len. Produced by an eccentric couple in the South of France, this brand oozes old school apothecary charm (and it smells pretty good too!) I am yearning for the entire collection which will sit perfectly in my bathroom. Tres chic, I think you'll agree.

Mad et Len from £39
Available from The Shop at Bluebird, 350 King's Road, London.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Party Eyes

Nothing says more about you than your eyes. Remember ladies, they are the windows to your soul! Make sure they look on-trend and oh so fluttersome by applying just the right amount of seasonal shades for the party season.

My favourite is Elizabeth Arden's new Colour Intrigue Eyeshadow Duo. They're vitamin-enriched, long lasting and silky smooth so no horrid creasing!

My favourite is the Blackcurrant - talk about drama!

BS x


Today saw the UK press launch of amazing hair brand Ojon. The brand has its 'roots' in the rainforests of Central America where the Tawira people (literally meaning 'The People of Beautiful Hair') have been harvesting the Ojon oil for centuries.

I have known about the brand since Estee Lauder acquired the company about 18 months ago but I was so happy to finally get my hands on the products. Hero products that you just have to try are:

1. Restorative Hair Treatment (pictured above)£38

2. Rub-Out Dry Cleanser (you have to try it to believe it!) £16
Although the range uses Ojon oil, it is completely weightless - even on fine hair.

Here's to fabulous, hydrated and super nourished hair!
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