Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Victoria is Victorious

Stepping away from beauty for just a sec, has anyone managed to get their hands on a Victoria Beckham creation? I'm loving this one above - very chic and lady-like. A bit like me really. Or not.

The VB collection, a surprise hit amongst the New York fashion crowd/front row sunglass brigade, landed at Selfridges this week and within hours there were but 3 dresses that hadn't been ripped from the hanger and hidden in a wardrobe, to be pulled out at a key moment in front of current boyfriend, "What? This old thing!"

Hats off to VB, she gets a rough run of it from the tabs and us larger, more flabby mortals but you can't deny she has style. Can you?

Word to the wise - next month the dresses will go on sale in Harrods (only 400 pieces in each production run) so get down there fast and just pray that the Bank Manager says yes!

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