Friday, 9 January 2009

It's Britney, again...

Not content with making documentaries about her life, releasing a new album and going on a world tour, good old Britney is just about to release another fragrance.

I'm notoriously unfussed and unimpressed by the plethora of celebrity pongs that clog up our fragrance counters but as Britney is close in age and to my heart, I decided to blog about it.

Hidden Fantasy Britney Spears claims to take it's inspiration from Britney's favourite, wait for it, cake! Yes, apparently the perfumer built the fragrance "with a heart of sensual jasmine and sweet Napolitano cake" coming from Britney's love of white florals, vanilla and 'luscious desserts.' Interesting to say the least.

When I get my hands on a bottle, I'll let you know what it really smells like. On the plus side, at least it won't make you fat!

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