Thursday, 22 January 2009

Pretty Purse Spray

I love everything about the Chloé brand: sophisticated, feminine and oh-so-wearable (not to mention expensive!)

However, as with most designer houses, they now offer fragrances and other, more affordable little gifts to entice those consumers that might not be able to afford couture, but at least can have their own little bit of designer bling. Many people think that this dilutes the brand's stature etc but I think it's very clever business sense.

One little thing that will definitely be purchased come February is this Chloé Lisy Parfum Purse Spray - so pretty!!! Not only is the fragrance feminine and a delight to wear, the leather casing is just so darned gorgeous...I'll spend most of my time pulling it out of my handbag just to show it off.

I suggest you do the same.

£70 with the case (£55 without)
Available 2st February 2009

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