Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Luxury the tub

I'm trying to make room in my busy schedule for a bit more 'me' time. You know, turning off my mobile, switching off my Blackberry, staying away from Facebook for more than 30 get my drift. It's easier said than done but one place I've recently re-discovered that helps melt away my worries (of which there have been alot lately) and restores calm and serenity to my daily life is lying neck deep in hot bubbles. Yes, it's the bath. I've never been a big bath lover, primarily due to the fact that I never seem to have the time to spend 30 minutes doing nothing. Last week though, while His Lordship was out partaking in some kind of sporting activity, I ran a warm, inviting bath just for me. I locked the door, dropped my clothes to the floor and slipped under the water. Sheer bliss.

I've been sampling some new bathing products to accompany my new found ritual and this week I'm splashing around with Sean John's Unforgivable Woman Bubble Bath. It comes in a rather snazzy champagne-esque bottle (that wouldn't look out of place in P.Diddy's bathroom of course) and, just as there's nothing like the sound of a popping champagne cork, there is nothing quick like soaking yourself in this luxurious liquid. It's gentle on the skin and not overpoweringly fragrant on the nose.

If, like me, you too are in need of a little luxury help, why not pick up a bottle?

T: 0870 034 2566

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