Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cobella Pop-Up Nail Art Bar

Coming this Friday - Cobella’s pop-up nail art bar opens at 3rd Central in Selfridges. Nestled between designer brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Angolmania, the bar will offer customers a range of nail services from removals (£25) and repairs (£6 per nail) to nail work to match your outfit or the current trends (£190)... what to choose?!

If you're feeling brave, opt for the coveted Minx foil nails as seen on Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce (£45).

Cobella’s pop-up nail art, from 26th February exclusively on 3rd central at

Call 0800 123 400 to make an appointment.

There's A Moose(head) Loose Aboot This Hoose

His Lordship is always complaining that I get to test and experiment with lovely beauty products as part of my working life while he toils tirelessly helping brands innovate and change for the future. Whilst he loves what he does, sometimes I think he'd like to just down tools for a few hours and get stuck into the beauty booty that gets delivered daily to Beauty Scoop HQ.

Now it's his chance. Recently I received some super-cute products from Moosehead, the no.1 grooming range in Australia. The two products we tested were the Mud Mask and the Moose-turising Face Hydrator.

We both agreed that the Mask made me look rather scary but was in an easy squeezy pack and smelled lovely on application. Ten minutes later, with the help of some lukewarm water, the mask had dissolved and my skin was glowing, smooth and youthful. His Lordship is now keen to get involved.

Next up, the Face Hydrator and HL was in the spotlight. So, what did he think? Well, he quite liked the packaging (manly brown with a yellow cap) and he was pleased that sunscreen was an added bonus. The consistenly was very good and "rubbed in well" and the smell was definitely a hit - "smells like summer" he mused. You can't argue with that.

Moosehead is available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco. The collection ranges from £1.49-£4.99.

Mud Mask £1.49
Moose-turising Face Hydrator £4.99

Monday, 22 February 2010

A Single Man - If Only

One's married and the other one's gay. What's a girl got to do to catch a break around here?!

Before I continue on my tirade of life's unfairness, I just have to mention how FABULOUS Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man, is.

Sharp, sophisticated, chic, sleek, charming, beautiful, visually stunning... I could go on. This film is exactly the kind of film you would imagine him to make - only better and cleverer. If you, like me, are a lover of film and it's composition, you'll love this movie.

If, like His Lordship, you'd rather watch men shoot themselves to pieces and care little for shot composition, attention to detail, wardrobe and hot men then this film probably isn't for you.

Can't wait to buy the DVD (and watch it when HL is out)!

Spring In My Step

The runways were - and still are - awash with fabulous pastels - and not just on the eyes/lips. The fruity feeling has spread to the nail area and I for one have jumped in feet first to this new colour spectrum. Although, mark my words, I shall not be experimenting with the Tippex-esque nails that have also been 'springing' up.

Two brands doing the Spring thing proud are Revlon and nails inc. The former's Lilac Pastelle is a chic shade that will work well on lovely tanned skin, teamed with a fabulous white dress or a pretty flowery number.

Nails inc., as always, are bang up to date with their take on the Spring fling. I'm currently sporting Spring Mews (a delicate green shade - similar to that of a fine pea soup) and this weekend I'll trying the strawberry-milkshake-coloured Birdcage Walk - divine.

Get with the pastel programme.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

From The Heart

Last Sunday, when I was helping His Lordship prepare dinner, I received a gorgeous little hand-delivered package from a US beauty brand about to launch in the UK called Buddha Nose - a certified organic body care that inspires the mind-body-beauty connection.

Beautifully packaged and containing a personal introduction from the brand, I was instantly impressed by their attention to detail and values from the outset - a key ingredient for a brand starting out in a new market and trying to garner attention from the press and joe public.

Aside from the packaging and cute recycled notebook containing lovely, uplifting quotes and Buddhist blessings, the real gem was the product encased in the dark blue glass.

The Buddha Nose Heart Spray (£16.95) is ideal for healing and nourishing - which is perfect as I am definitely in need of that at the moment. Made with the organic and wild-crafted essential oils of Ylang Ylang, English Chamomile, Angelica Seed, Sweet Orange,Petitgrain and Sandalwood, the Heart Spray helps to soothe unsettling feelings or can be used as a skin toner or room spray. It smells delicious and you can't help but feel uplifted and content - I have even sprayed it on lots of my sleeves so I can get a whiff of it any time I want.

An all-round good for you brand. Can't wait to get my hands on some more of their products in spring.

Some brand background:
Amy Galper was a New York City based shiatsu practitioner who founded Buddha Nose in 2004 to encourage her mostly female clientele to "be still and breathe". Recognizing the connection between the energetic dynamics of shiatsu, a Japanese form of bodywork based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and with the essential oils of aromatic plants Amy created handmade beauty products in her kitchen to inspire the mind-body-beauty connection.

www.unlistedlondon.com (UK)

Victoria Beckham's A/W Collection

OK, I know we're now on to London Fashion Week (more on that later) but I couldn't bypass the stunning collection of dresses that Victoria Beckham showed earlier this month in New York (allegedly the show was held in Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big's penthouse apartment - how fabulous).

Not only was I completely bowled over by the feminine tailoring and the clear attention to detail in the designs, I was also extremely impressed at how articulate and knowledgeable VB came across when addressing the editors (you'll spot the Telegraph's Hilary Alexander and my favourite person in fashion Vogue's creative director Grace Coddington in this video - if you haven't seen The September Issue, shame on you!). VB is smart, sweet and very obviously involved in the creative process - from inspiration to final execution.

See her chat below...

Kudos, Posh. Long may you reign.

Grow Your Own

I'm always banging on to His Lordship about our garden. Granted, it's a small decked area but we (i.e. His L) has always put in lots of effort making it look cute and tranquil with the addition of lovely pots, wall-mounted hanging basket things and cute accessories from a garden gallery in Paris. Whilst I have an eye for what may look good in the garden, I am just not green-fingered in any way, shape or form. I kill everything, however much I try to look after the little leafy beings.

However, maybe, just maybe, Postcarden, may be the solution. Whilst this is meant to be sent as a cute little postcard, I will quite happily send one to myself to cultivate a little oasis on my desk.

Postcarden is a fun (and easy) way to grow a mini-garden on your desktop, or windowsill. Thankfully, the instructions state that, "You don’t need a degree in horticulture to cultivate Postcarden’s easy-grow cress seeds - the simple pleasure and pride of guiding your garden from germination to growth is educating, engrossing and entertaining. " Quite.

Postcarden originates from A Studio For Design, a London-based company who create "unique gifts for thoughtful givers" - love that concept.

Go on, give good garden.

www.postcarden.com £7.50

The Ears Have It

I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to jewellery, so it comes as no surprise that I'm lusting after these gorgeous, military-themed ear adornments.

Designed by the fabulous British designer Richard Nicoll Clear these perspex earrings with crystal embellishments are perfect for the sensitive eared amongst us - because they're clip-ons. This fills me with happiness as I've had to re-pierce my ears several times due to my obsession with huge dangly numbers that cause my poor ears to take the burden.

The only thing that hurts even more is the price... a mere £285. Eek.


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Introducing Snowberry

I'm loving this new beauty brand, Snowberry.

Not only is the packaging achingly hip (it was designed by Rob Ryan who collaborates with legendary British designer Paul Smith), the product inside is choc-ful of good-for-you (and the environment) ingredients.

It's cute but in a cool, 'I want that in my bathroom' kind of way.

Another good reason to pop into Harvey Nichols on your way home.

Or, put your feet up and head to www.snowberry.com.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Outfit Fix

Hello, I've been sick. It's no excuse, but it's the truth. I'm now feeling marginally better (going out to Tsunami in Clapham tonight for some sushi and a glass or two of wine so I must be getting back to my old self) and to cheer me up ever further, I've been perusing the AMAZING emails I get weekly from Browns (fabulous fashion store on South Molton Street in London.) Above is my 'make me feel better while also making me look fabulous and powerful' outfit.
The cap-sleeved satin black dress, by Alexander McQueen, will set you back a mere £1,525, while the ankle boot with chain detail, by Giuseppe Zanotti, will cost you £825.
A bargain price for happiness - no? I hope His Lordship is not reading this...

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