Sunday, 11 January 2009

Men - Get Masculine!

I've just read an article in the Observer Woman Magazine (Of Men and Moob Jobs) which has got me thinking. Apparently British men spent a staggering £800 million on grooming last year. What the f*&k?! Where are all these fabulously groomed, hair free, smell free specimens?! I admit His Lordship and friends take care of their appearances and do splash out occasionally on shaving products and the like (or they raid my beauty/grooming box) but I can't say I know many men who apply 'guyliner', inject Botox or have 'moob jobs' - it's just too frightening to contemplate.

I like my men to be, well, men. Rough, rugged and masculine. Who wants a man who fights with you over the mirror and takes longer than you to get ready? Frankly, not I.

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