Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Passing Of Time

I love PRs, not just because I used to be one, but because they very helpfully remind you of brands and products that you once held dearly close to your heart but through no fault of the brand or you, it's simply worked its way further back in your bathroom cabinet.

Tiempe Passate, the distinctive and simply glorious fragrance by a wonderful lady called Antonia Bellanca (aka Antonia's Flowers) is one such product that I am so glad I've rediscovered - thanks to a simple press release dropping into my e-mail inbox.

I first sniffed from the gloriously feminine bottle on my return from a year's stay in NYC. I was still pining (as I am now) for the heady, effortlessly cool atmosphere of the Big Apple and I had just landed my first PR job in the sprawling metropolis of London. One brand that I was assigned to help with was, you got it, Antonia's Flowers. I remember thinking what a classy and sophisticated brand, and oh what grown-up fragrances. The story of Antonia, her flower shop and her life in East Hampton fuelled the glamorous image yet further and I knew then that I was hooked on Antonia's Flowers, and in particular, Tiempe Passate.

It's very difficult to describe the fragrance itself because it's unlike anything I've ever smelt before, but everytime I wear it people always ask me what perfume I'm wearing... they often wish they'd never asked because I then go into the whole story behind the brand. Named after a love song Antonia’s grandfather wrote in the 1920s and inspired by old world perfumery notes, this perfume has vintage chic written all over it.

The official line below helps describe the perfume's compilation better than I can:

Cedarwood, amber, bergamot, montauk rose (named for its "saltiness") and clementine (for sparkle) combine to create a modern classic Eau de Parfum.

Anyway, I suggest you log onto to read all about the fabulous Antonia and her fragrances... and once you've done that, why not go sniff out a bottle for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

£98 for 60ml Eau de Parfum
Available from Fenwick, Liberty and Space NK

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