Monday, 22 June 2009


I've temporarily put down my Liz Earle Facial Spritzer to give another brand a shot at giving me a fresh, bright and calm complexion, and, I must say, I'm tres impressed (and very refreshed!)

The [A’kin] Hydro Essential Lavender Cellular Brightening Facial Mist is really rather delicious. It smells gorgeous, makes me feel happy and content (I think that might be down to the Lavender) and makes me skin look lovely and revitalised. It also contains ingredients like Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant, Vitamin B5 & Aloe which are very important for a healthy-looking complexion.

Three things to bear in mind with this product:
1. Brightens and evens your skin tone
2. Smoothes and re-hydrates your skin.
3. Calms and relaxes your mind body and spirit.

It's a daily must for the summer months.


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