Sunday, 7 June 2009

Britney: The Verdict

Well, it was some night at the o2 arena - never have I seen so many fashion disasters/large amounts of flesh in one place (am I getting old?) All that aside, I have to admit that old Brit-Brit was a tad disappointing.

As much as the dance routines were fab and she kept my attention for the 1 hour 15 minutes that she strutted her stuff, but 3 things let her down.

1. The lack of big screens - this was so frustating becuase unless you were in the front rows, it could have been anyone shaking their tush and whipping their blonde hair to the beat of Womanizer, Baby One More Time... etc.

2. I've read this comment already this week, but I agree that it appears that Britney has slightly lost her spark. Rarely did she engage with the audience nor did she appear to be doing much smiling. Is it too much too soon for the pop princess?

3. SHE DIDN'T BLOODY SING! Dancing and lip-synching is not my idea of a concert...

So, that's it. I'll continue to dance around to her tracks in the comfort of my own living room and on the dance floor after one too many vino blanchos but maybe I won't be shelling out £50 next time she's in town.


PS What the frig was Perez Hilton doing as the ringmaster in the opening video segment?!

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