Monday, 9 March 2009

Save My Skin

Ever since I'll arrived home from the Alps, my skin has been all over the shop. Literally. Every time I move my face another bit of it falls off... I'm beginning to resemble Michael Jackson (oh, don't get me started on him though - I've signed up for tickets for his comeback tour and can't stop pretending to do the Moonwalk across the office! Fingers and everything else crossed...)

Anyway, I needn't worry as I have found my saviour in the form of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Multi-Repair Cream. Trust me, it's a god send and I can't go anywhere without it. This morning, after I'd had my shower, I went about covering every inch of my skin in the stuff - it's divine, scent-free and oh-so soothing.

HIs Lordship is also suffering from a similar temporary skin complaint but he's only allowed to use my new-found dream cream sparingly... it's only a small tube after all. Maybe they'll bring out a larger tube just for the body soon..? Pretty please?

It's only £3.99 which is a bargain. Just as well really as I spent a pretty penny in Meribel.

Get it before I buy the lot.

Available natationwide

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