Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mobilise... Your Face

You might think I'm bonkers but I speak no word of a lie. Facial exercises are a must if you want to retain youthful, glowing skin... forever. Just like you stretch your body every morning or after exercise, our face needs a daily workout. Think energised, re-awakened skin, oxygenated facial tissue, a healthly blood flow and toned, strengthened muscles - Gisele watch out!

Here Emma Hardie (facialist, skincare expert and she of amazing hands) gives us some tips on the best way to work those face muscles:

Lift your chin upwards so you can feel the stretch down the neck.

Now, holding your muscles in your face in a slight state of tension, open your mouth as wide as you can, feel the stretch in your lip and surrounding muscles and slowly move yout mouth around in all directions. Of course, when you move your mouth around you will be mobilising and releasing the tension from your jaw.

Hold the tension in your lower jaw and neck and continue to move the mouth around whilst keeping the chin pointing upwards, feel the stretch in your neck.

Focus on your cheek and forehead muscles and slowly and firmly move these around in all directions.

Come on, get stretching!

For more information on Emma Hardie or to book an appointment with her, call 0207 242 0386.

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