Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Me... But Even Better

I just got home from the gym (yes, the Portugal diet/bridesmaid diet has now commenced) and a lovely little package from Clinique was waiting in my mail box.

It was almost as if they've been sitting on my shoulder as I do my make-up in the morning and realised that I needed something with a bit more coverage. Eh voila, Clinique's Even Better Make-up SPF 15.

Every morning as I apply my 'base layer' I always think that I need better coverage for some areas of my face - my nose, areas of my chin, under my eyes and occassionally my cheeks. And it seems like I'm not alone. According to research, one in four women are concerned with hyperpigmentation (an increase in the skin's normal colour in a particular area). In fact, skin tone concerns seem to be overtaking wrinkles, and I for one am one of the worriers. His Lordship thinks I've developed some strange fascination with my skin tone, probably because I continually pepper him with questions like 'do my eye bags look really dark today?', 'do they make me look older?' and other annoying whisperings.

I've just tried some of the Even Better Make-up with SPF 15 and I really like the consistency of it - it's not oily, it's really lightweight and it provides great coverage in those key areas. The dispenser is also good because it's quite a small nozzle which means you can squeeze out as little or as much as you need.

I'll start using it properly tomorrow but, as Lily Allen says, "Yeah, I'm onto a winner."

£19.99 Available from Clinique counters from 1st April.

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