Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It Was Acceptable In The 80s...

...it was acceptable at the time. And oh yes, it's back. Yep, get ready to embrace the mascara shade that your mother loved almost as much as you... the blue hue is back with a vengeance! But this time it's darker, more sophisticated, adding depth and dimension to your lashes (but should definitely not be worn with matching spangly leggings, mother!)

My fave blue hue? The Body Shop's Define and Lengthen Mascara. Their make up range is super impressive and every product I've tried recently is a stand out. Here's Chase Aston, The Body Shop's International Make-up Artist to offer his tips on how to embrace this beauty statement...

"As the 80s have exploded back in fashion, bold hues are all the rage for the eyes, but to avoid your look being to retro, tone down the multi-shade, bright eye-shadow, and dress up your lashes using blue mascara like The Body Shop Define & Lengthen Mascara 03 (£10.) This bold, bright, eighties colour, is the perfect mascara shade to enhance the eyes, giving them a pop-tastic wash of colour. Whilst the colourful make-up trend has exploded back in fashion, avoid at all costs any glitter around the eyes and cheeks, instead use shimmering or metallic hues, complemented with a pale, matte complexion.

For a modern eighties eye look, line the eyes with black eyeliner, and apply blue mascara to both the top and bottom lashes for instant wow factor, or apply black mascara as usual, then add a wash of blue at the tips, to create depth and colourful, luscious lashes."

Top Tips:
Blue mascara suits all skin tones, especially those with hazel or brown eyes and darker skin tones, as blue hues will make your peepers pop.

Bold hues, need bold brows to balance the face, avoiding overplucking or pencil thin brows.

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