Thursday, 19 March 2009

Korres Do Make-Up...Aaaaahh!

Oh lord, I'm a happy bunny today. Not only is my diet going well (ok, I sneaked in a chocolate flakes/banana crunch corner at lunch but apart from that) but I'm going out for dinner tonight to a fab steak place in Marylebone (hold the fries!) with some old friends and I can;t wait!

To add to my happiness, I've just found out that Korres are branching into make-up - yippee! I love Korres so much and was very fortunate to meet the wonderful Lena Korres at a breakfast meeting last year - what a woman!

So anyway, Korres has launched a line of make-up that continues on their anti-ageing path. Using natural ingredients and oil extracts of wild rose, the new Wild Rose foundation will not only make you look flawless and gorgeous, it'll also help moisturise and soften thanks to the Vitamin C and good-for-you acids locked within - and we all know that youthful skin has these properties in abundance.

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