Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Word on the grapevine...

... is that The Body Shop's new fragrance, Love Etc, already has a waiting list. I've managed to get my hands on a sample and, I must say, it smells a lot more expensive than it's £16 price tag would suggest.

Think jasmine combined with mouth-watering vanilla, creamy musk and a hint of sandalwood. It is light, feminine and definitely on my hit list.

Get your name down. Pronto.

PS It's the first fragrance to include Community Trade alcohol which is fairtraded and organically sourced and it comes in a recycled glass bottle - impressive.

PPS The fragrance was designed by revered nose Dominique Ropion.

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Michelle said...

Just got sent a sample of this and I concur - it is quite lovely. I have to say, The Body Shop have come out with some sleeper fragrance hits lately - I liked their Moroccan Rose scent as well and thought it too smelled much more expensive and sophisticated than the price tag would indicate.

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