Sunday, 13 September 2009

Leaf & Rusher

I've just been introduced to the Leaf & Rusher skincare brand from Beverly Hills.

Since 1996 the founders Dr. Norman Leaf and Rand Rusher, together with their team, have been working on the skin of the upper echelons of Hollwood society at their medical skincare clinic. During this time they've been able to apply their vast knowledge of the skin's ageing process to help pamper their discerning clientele. They realised that it probably wasn't just their clients that were demanding serious skincare, including the best botanicals, the best technology and the most-effective delivery system for treating the skin above and below the surface... surely lots of people were as precious about their skin?

This thought process led them to develop their own brand of skincare - but not just any old creams and lotions. They worked closely with their existing clients - listening to their questions, testing and developing before producing a line that offers a light in the darkness that is a crowded serious skincare market.

My favourite product in the line is the Rapid Resurface product. It's an alternative to micro-dermabrasion (which I personally find too harsh) and is super-gentle and is actually a real pleasure to use.

The aluminum-free formula, gently polishes skin and leaves your skin beautifully radiant. Rice powder and calcified algae help buff the rough, dull cells while aloe and green tea protect your complexion.

It's simple to use - Gently massage with water in a circular motion over the face, avoiding the eye area. Because it's gentle you can use the product 3-4 times per week

Rapid Resurface $50

The only place you can buy the products are from The website launches imminently so leave your details and you'll be alerted when you're able to buy. It's definitely worth the (short) wait.

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