Sunday, 13 September 2009

DuWop Takes Over... My Make-Up Bag

At the moment my make-up bag is housing several DuWop products. They sit nicely among my Clinique and MAC goodies but they're new to the Jaeger make-up bag family so they're getting quite a lot of attention at present.
My top 3 DuWop products;

Lashlacquer (£18)
Duo mascara - one end is a conditioning mascara (with a great brush making it easy to get to the root of the lash) and a water/smudge resistant topcoat the other (helps separate lashes and makes lashes ultra-glossy).

Blush Booster (£18)
'Boost' is the key word here. I live for my blusher and it's the one make-up item I couldn't do without - therefore I'm very choosy with the products that make it into my make-up bag. Blush Booster in Apple is light, bright and will make anyone look perky. A must-have essential.

Eye Palette for Brown Eyes (£20)
Browns and creams are the only colours that work for me so I'm clutching this palette close to my heart and praying it lasts well. The Brown Palette includes medium brown, ecru, and gold eyeshadows, as well as a dark chocolate brown cream liner and a highlighter. A winning combo.

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