Monday, 14 September 2009

Top 50 Beauty 'Bloopers'

According to a new survey carried out by Superdrug, too much fake tan comes out top of the worst beauty 'bloopers' you can make.

Katherine Le Clerc, Superdrug beauty director, which carried out the study said: "It is easy to make beauty mistakes which is why you’ll find trained beauty specialists in our stores who can give honest advice on the most common beauty dilemmas.

"When you’ve had the same beauty routine for years you may find that changes to fashion have past you by and bright blue eyeshadow is no longer de rigueur so our specialists can help modernize a routine. It’s no surprise to see tango tan at the top of the list, it can be easy to overdo the bronzer and end up with an orange glow rather than a healthy tan sometimes less really is more."

Read on for the rest... most amusing.

1. Tango tan (too much fake tan)
2. Shaved eyebrows with pencilled in replacements
3. Thick foundation
4. Bright blue eyeshadow
5. Hairy armpits
6. Too much make-up
7. Dark lip-liner with pale lipstick
8. Over-plucked eyebrows
9. Hairy legs
10. Too much blusher
11. Tide mark foundation around the jawline
12. Hairy upper lip
13. Streaky fake tan
14. Monobrow
15. Lipstick on teeth
16. Lip liner outside the edge of the lips
17. Tango'ed hands
18. Yellow teeth
19. Greasy hair
20. Gems in the teeth
21. Hard yellow skin on feet
22. Pierced finger nails
23. Bad hair extensions
24. Gelling hair curls to your face
25. Fake beauty spots
26. Clumpy mascara
27. Hairy toes
28. Overgrown toenails
29. Panda eyes
30. Too many scrunchies
31. Squeezing spots
32. Showing your roots
33. Half-dyed hair (blonde on top, dark underneath)
34. Wearing make-up in bed
35. Lobster skin
36. Chipped nail varnish
37. Bitten nails
38. Croydon facelift
39. Crimped Hair
40. Tattoos
41. Tongue piercings
42. Undercuts
43. Tan lines
44. Ridiculous fake eyelashes
45. Stripy highlights
46. Toe jewellery
47. Nose piercings
48. Glittery hairspray
49. Too bright lipstick
50. Acrylic nails

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