Wednesday, 30 September 2009

John Richmond's First Fragrance

The British fashion designer John Richmond has joined the ring of designers who are widening their audience reach by producing products outside of the traditional clothes-designing arena.

His first fragrance is "feminine, seductive and modern" and is a combination of ingredients that I woulod describe as uplifting, floral and fruity.

Here's the breakdown:

TOP NOTES - Pink Grapefuit, Pear and Dewberry

HEART NOTES - Magnolia, White Sand Lily and Daffodil

BASE NOTES - Sandalwood, Patchouli and Amber

John says: "I wanted a perfume that celebrates the peculiarity of the lock with its bottle, the accessory with the bracelet, the uniqueness of the John Richmond woman in the fragrance, its striking personality. We jealously guard our most precious and desired possessions with a lock, we keep them private, just for us. John Richmond is a perfume “to wear”, like the collections, it is something that a woman dedicates, above all, to herself, it exalts her personality and completes how she lives these modern times."

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