Monday, 17 August 2009

Sisters Doing It For Themselves

Most of you will know that I have a close relationship with the Jo Malone brand for reasons that are too many to mention here...

However, it's always nice to mix up your beauty loves so it was with a large smile that I received the news that Jo's sister, Tracey Malone, will be launching her own range of skincare next month ( or Expect hard-working products in very decent-looking packaging with ingredients like almonds, violets, mango, avocado and honey.

Like Jo, Tracey has a facialist background (to an in-the-know customer base) and learned her skills from her mother, who in turn learned all that there is to know about delivering the best facial available from a lady called Madame Lubatti. Eh voila, the brand was born.

There's nothing else that I can tell you at the moment but I'll report back in a few weeks with the verdict.

PS Wonder if Jo had a hand in any of this?

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