Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Botox = Recession Proof

I've just finished reading a worrying article in The Times regarding the fact that Botox (you know, the poison that people inject into their faces) is winning in the beauty stakes in these tough times.

It seems that Botox is now so widespread (reportedly available in about 20,000 outlets in the UK alone) that women are turning to it instead of expensive skincare and premium brand products because they believe they're getting better value for money and the effects last longer.

And it's affecting the big beauty players - the luxury product division of L'Oreal (including YSL) have just reported a 13% slump in like-for-likes sales for the first six months of 2009. La Prarie is in a similar boat with a 20% fall and good old Estee Lauder has even taken a hit - they've reported a 28% decline in their fragrance market.

Whilst I am not quite at the age where I need Botox (although that may be a matter of opinion) and I understand that people want to look the absolute best that they can, it is concerning that people are opting to inject themselves with a product which, as of yet, we don't know much about the long-term damage said product will have on the skin and the muscles beneath it.

I for one won't be tampering with the the shop window, so to speak...

Remind me of this blog post when I hit 40.

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