Tuesday, 25 August 2009

In The Nude

When I'm not munching on Nude Skincare's vitamin supplements, which I must say are extremely effective, I have taken to applying their Deep Cleansing Mask to my very stressed and tired visage (this is what happens when you try to juggle a full-time job, a blog, a live-in boyfriend, a house, friends and a Scottish family!)

Whenever I find 'me' time, which is few and far between, I turn my mobile on silent, Michael Jackson's greatest hits on at a moderate level (it was previously Madonna but in the current circumstances I feel my childhood idol deserves some Liberty Street airtime), light a few candles and work the light mousse over my face and neck.

I am prone to the odd oily patch of skin so the mask's formulation really helps to absorb excess oils and get rid of nasty blackheads and other unsavoury delights.

Here's some of the nourishing ingredients that you'll find within:

Organic Buriti - to gently exfoliate
Kaolin Clay and Propolis extract - to purify, regenerate and soothe, whilst helping to make dull skin look so much brighter and perkier
Organic Shea Butter - to lock in moisture and encourage cell renewal and repair
Apple Pectin - to protect against free radical damage
Sea Fennel - helps to leave your skin calm and balanced.

Try it. Love it.


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