Sunday, 26 April 2009

The next best thing...

As I'm presently dieting to get into my bikini... ON FRIDAY (ARGH!) I am avoiding anything sweet or remotely fattening like the plague. It's proving quite tough and my mind constantly wanders to images of bars of Galaxy and fruit scones with clotted cream.

To keep my mind off the sweet stuff, I'm using philosophy's coconut frosting salt scrub (£20). Not only does it smell sugary sweet, it's also helping to get my body ready for my imminent trip to the sun.

Jump in a warm shower and cover your body with the sweet treat (a bit like icing a cake) and gently massage it into key areas; thighs, bottom and tummy area.

Towel dry and ogle your firm frame. A well deserved, guilt-free beauty treat.

The coconut frosting range is available from John Lewis stores, Selfridges, and QVC.
Stockists: 0870 990 8452

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