Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bathe in Chanel No.5

No, I'm not suggesting that you empty out your precious fragrance into the tub, I'm actually talking about the launch of Chanel's limited edition Velvet Bath Milk.

Ok, I know we're living in tough economic times but a girl needs a wee treat now and again. At £42, this product will deliver endless hours of fragrant joy and will help soothe and moisturise your overworked body. Yes, ok, it's a tad expensive but you need something to cheer yourself up and I think this is just the tonic. Think vanilla, neroli and jasmine to name but a few of the divine ingredients.

It's maybe best to hide it from your other half though, it might be a tad difficult to explain the benefits of such luxury to he who counts every penny (not mentioning any names, His Lordship...)

Happy bathing.

Available from Chanel counters nationwide.

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