Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Beauty Spot: Paula Dorf

In the spotlight this week is make-up artist and founder of Paula Dorf Cosmetics, the one and only, Paula Dorf!

Come find out what a high profile make-up artist thinks about the beauty market, what products she can't live without and why she decided to launch her own range of cosmetics. It's all so fabulous!

Who are you and what do you do?
I'm Paula Dorf. I was born in NY and I'm a make-up artist who has worked in the industry for over 25 years. I've lead the beauty industry by fashioning a mainstay of easy to apply make-up colours, products and “trick tools” embraced by celebrities, fashionistas, beauty authorities and most importantly, everyday make-up lovers who flock to Paula Dorf Cosmetics to pick up the latest must-have item.

How did you start in the beauty industry and how did do you get to where you are today?
It began in the 80’s when I was a make-up artist for a lot of the big rock stars in the US and did the make-up for their tours and concerts. I was finding it really difficult to find the perfect foundation brush for my job. I wanted a brush that when used with any foundation; would provide a long lasting finish on the skin and withstand the harsh stage lighting and heat. However, I didn’t want the application to look too mask like and cakey. Because of this (and because I’m a perfectionist!) I decided to try and create my own. I went to a nearby art store, bought some artists brushes and just started cutting them up to create the perfect shape I needed and that was how my range started – we now have products for eyes, lips, cheeks, bases etc.

Can’t live without beauty item(s)?
Some good quality make-up brushes – just pick a few key one’s such as a good blender brush for the eyes, a cheek brush and a good all round face brush. I’m a big fan of primers for the face – they kind of act like your skin’s base coat and give you more of a professional, polished finish. You should always find time for a quick dab of blush. I like to use a creamy formula such as my Cheek Color Cream in Peek A Boo as it gives a nice dewy effect. A beautiful peachy shade, it adds a fabulous flush to the cheeks but also works wonderfully on the lips if you have forgotten your lip gloss! And mascara - just one coat will instantly open the eyes and lift the face.

Describe a day in your life
I can honestly say, my life is so varied that no two days are the same. I can be working behind the scenes on a TV show one day and the next, I might be in the lab developing new products!

What are your thoughts on the beauty industry at the moment (trends, financial climate, organic, natural products, Dr brands etc)?
There's no denying that it's tough out there in the cosmetic market right now and I don't think we will see much change for the next few months or perhaps at least even until the end of the year. I do think that consumers are re-evaluating their purchasing power right now and are wanting more value for money, better quality of products that last, rather than buy a handful of cheaper items. And I think we will also see a trend for consumers wanting to use multi-purpose products. The beauty industry is such a saturated market and I think that you have to create products that consumers really want to use and continue to use again and again.

What are your brand’s philosophies, and how do you put them into practice on a daily basis?
My brand philosophy and registered phrase is Become Your Own Makeup Artist®.

Name some hero products in the range.
Paula Dorf Eye Primer, Paula Dorf Foundation Brush and Paula Dorf Transformer and just a handful of make-up brushes. They can really extend the life of your make-up.

Greatest achievement to date?
There are so many highlights over the last 25 years. As the years have gone by, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a long list of celebrities and on some really great TV shows in the States and also find the time to create my own makeup range! I’ve been honoured to receive 4 Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Awards for my products. Also, I’m thrilled to have patents on 2 of the brushes in my collection: Paula Dorf Eye Transformer Brush and Paula Dorf Cheek Cream Brush.

Hopes for the future?
To be in the industry for another 25 years!

Buy Paula Dorf in the UK by visiting www.SkinBrands.co.uk or call 020 8997 8541

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