Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hot New Look

I'm all about experimenting when it comes to make-up (although you could say that I often veer on the side of safety by sticking to neutral colours like cream, beige and soft brown... boring!)

So, to shake things up a touch, I'm looking at the delicious Vibrant Trio (Apt, Monkey and Lucky) range from mineral make-up house, Bellapierre. It's the latest addition to their 'Get The Look' concept and is the ultimate in bold, bright and blinkin brill colour spectrum. Just think how sizzlin' those neon shades will look with a golden (and safe) tan.

With Bellápierre’s ‘Get the Look’ concept there is no compromise on colour; you can achieve a bright-eyed make-up effect that is guaranteed to turn heads and uses 100% mineral ingredients.

If, like me, you're new to this bright palette, come find out how to apply the colours with confidence.

Bellápierre’s Vibrant Trio look in four easy steps:

1. Prepare – Using a cotton bud, apply bellápierre make-up base to the upper eyelid, from lash-line to brow and a small amount just below the lower lash line.
2. Highlight – Using an Eyeshadow Brush apply ‘Money’ Shimmer Powder to the brow bone and tear duct area.
3. Base – Apply ‘Apt’ Shimmer Powder to the eyelid blending upwards.
4. Get the Effect – Using an Eyeshadow Brush blend ‘Refined’ Shimmer Powder in, starting at your upper lash line. Create a V shape on the outer corner of the upper lid, blending upwards. Blend the colour into the lash line so that the eye liner disappear.

As the meerkat says in that annoying car insurance advert, "Simples."

To view the entire bellápierre range and for stockists:
Visit or call 0800 0234 190

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