Friday, 6 February 2009

Youth Surge

I've just received a preview sample of Clinique's new Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturiser. This little beauty doesn't hit the shelves until March but I'll give you the heads up on my thoughts now.

First impressions:

1. Nice, clean Clinique packaging. Always front-of-bathroom-shelf worthy.

2. Smell - Quite nice. Not strong or overpowering, just inoffensive and subtle on the senses like all unfragranced products tend to be.

3. Texture - quite a thick and rich cream - as you would expect from an anti-ageing, or should I say age declerating product. Lovely to have between your fingers and it sinks in really well on application.

4. Workabililty - There's so much talk in the press of anti-ageing skincare products not actually doing much for your skin but I for one won't be giving up just yet. Anything that feels good, makes my skin soft and velvety, moisturises my parched visage and offers me a good SPF protection cannot be sniffed at. On top of that here's some more science info which will help you decide,

"Inspired by cutting-edge Sirtuin activation technology and anti-glycation science, the new patent-pending treatment is described as a comprehensive anti-ageing skin care product that helps enable skin to both prevent and repair the visible signs of ageing. Sirtuins (also known as “longevity genes”) are vital in helping extend the function and life of cells. Sirtuins are naturally occurring, youth-extending agents found in the skin, which help maintain the healthy equilibrium of cells.

Youth Surge SPF15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer uses a unique-to-Clinique molecule, Isonicotinamide, which is claimed to help reduce the appearance of ageing, optimise natural repair; and restore a youthful look to ageing skin. It is part of a Sirtuin-activating complex that also contains Luteolin and NADH."

Try it for yourself.

PS Is the turtle a GWP? I've always fancied one.
T: 0870 034 2566

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