Sunday, 15 February 2009

Suds You Like

Sorry for the lack of blog contact this week - I've been particularly busy and have barely had time to draw breath, nevermind transmit my beauty musings via the tinterweb. But now I'm back and ready to share.

Today I've been reading in one of the nationals that hard soap is making a comeback. In fact, it's not making a comeback, it's already here. Yes, there has been a deluge of luxury brands reverting back to the old thrice-milled soap versions - it often provides a great entry level to new consumers who can't quite afford the liquid version of their verbenas or rose infused shower smellies. However, if I were you, I'd simply peruse your local supermarket shelves, you'll see that there are a myriad of great brands to choose from and that don't carry the heavy pricetag.

My favourite brand of hard soap? Pears, of course. Aside from the vintage ads of yester year and the cute, simple packaging, it's also deliciously scented. As I stand under the hot water I love to cradle the little tan-coloured bar in my hands and inhale the smell of my childhood. But instead of dropping the soap and struggling to fish it out of the water with my pruned-up fingers, or having the bathroom door banged on by my elder sister who always needed to get into thte bathroom when I was there, 20 years on, I can now enjoy the content, happy feeling that Pears brings with no interruption.

Bathtime bliss at its very best.

Available everywhere for not very many pennies at all.

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