Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jen An: Seeking Beauty Deal?

I've been reading that Jennifer Aniston is scouting around for a beauty deal. To be honest, who can blame her? Her fellow thesps have been cleaning up in the beauty arena, and Aniston probably thinks it's about she joined the club. Not to mention picking up a large cheque...

I remember at the height of her Friends fame she fronted a campaign for L'Oreal's Elnett hairspray and I thought she was the absolute epitome of American beauty. I spent days thinking about how cool she was, what it would be like to live her life and spouting off lines like "Here comes the science, concentrate" until my Dad put a gagging order on me. Those were the days.

And Jen would no doubt be a great asset to any interested beauty company. She's still hot tab property, thanks to her on/off liaison with John Meyer and her run of various movies that always fall just short of the mark in terms of box office returns. And not forgetting, she's stunningly beautiful and groomed to perfection. Just the kind of gal that those cosmetics houses like.

I'll be watching and waiting. After all, I think she's worth it.

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