Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Beauty Spot: Michelle Doherty

Another week, another beauty expert to grace our pages with. This time it's Michelle Doherty, Managing Director of Alpha-H, one of my all time favourite skincare brand's and home to the best cleanser, Rescue Cleansing Balm.

Read on to find out more.

1.Who are you and what do you do?
I am a working mother that is very blessed to have a supportive husband and three daughters that have believed in me and believed in what drives me. That is to exceed our customer’s expectations in product performance, results and affordability, 'the very essence of what Alpha-H means'.

2.What is your background and how did you begin your work with Alpha-H?
For me, a simple introduction to Alpha-H became a remarkable and life-changing story... Having searched for many years for a product that would make a difference to my demoralising skin condition I was sceptical but a little intrigued when introduced to a simple '2 step' skincare programme that promised to improve my skin in a very short period of time. After only a few days I experienced a dramatic change in the appearance and texture of my skin.Whilst it seemed too good to be true it set me on a path of 'spreading the news' and working tirelessly to bridge the gap between traditional (sensory feel good, no action brands) with a range that combined nature and science. Alpha-H is code for great skin.

3. Describe a day in your life?
My day generally starts at around 5.30am when I power walk with one of my three daughters, it’s a time for me to plan what lay’s ahead of me and find balance with my family.

On arriving at Alpha-H headquarters I always greet all members of our wonderful team as more often than not I may have been away overseas or interstate serving, educating and guiding our customers on the elements of Alpha-H.

Respond to any overseas emails that have come in overnight (I disconnected my Blackberry so I didn't constantly respond when they hit the inbox overnight).

Meet with our creative and marketing peeps to ensure our message is consistent and true with our brands philosophy.

Discuss with my husband (Head of New Development and researching new ingredients) that we are addressing our customer’s needs and expectations: that we continue to find new ways to deliver the ultimate in skin health.We believe each of our products is born of a commitment to real genuine results.

Check with my wonderful PA that flights and accommodation are confirmed for my monthly visits to the UK or Germany.

Meet with daughters and husband in lunch room and sort out the dinner menu, who's in, who's out. All three daughters are involved with Alpha-H. It is a true family affair, they believe in Alpha-H and see the difference it makes to people looking for 'change' and 'honesty' when choosing our range.

Research, research and more research on latest discoveries on the wonderful world of skin and the care and protection of it. Right now, sun protection is on the radar with Alpha-H soon to release 2 new daily moisturisers using the latest in sun-care technology.

4.What are some of the hero products in the Alpha-H line?
Liquid Gold is our hero. What else can exert its profound magic overnight to re-code the skin's cell renewal system, increase true skin firmness and bolster new collagen formation? People love to see and feel change, they love revealing a younger, fresher looking skin. Ok, that's for starters. Liquid Gold will correct and improve but what makes Alpha-H exciting and stimulating is what we do to the skin after.

New Research requires new Technology. Liquid Gold Daily Poly Oxidant is your daily prevention of 'premature ageing, it contains a very exciting ingredient 'Lipochroman-6 which is heralded as the 'active shelter' for skin cells.This little beauty is designed to eliminate and neutralise free radical damage and protect the skin from irreversible damage. Morning application will shelter your skin whilst the precious blend of AHA's, skin-lifting peptides and hyaluronic acid will keep your skin firm, hydrated and a wee bit lifted.

5. What new developments are you seeing in the world of skincare?
Customers becoming increasingly confused with Dr Brands and Celebrity endorsed products. Companies buying a range of skincare products (i.e. private label) off the shelf and selling to unaware consumers. Alpha-H has a heartbeat and true pulse, it's where creation is meaningful and true. We never change our identity to follow a trend or fad. My team of cosmetic scientists research ingredients and develop trusted formulations to ensure a consistently high standard.

6.Who else do you admire in the beauty world?
I loved Mary Quant, I thought she was the style queen of my teenage years (black nail polish much to my parents horror.) She brought colour with flair and I loved her quirky packaging.

7.What elements do you think make up a good skincare routine?
Products that can multi-task are very important in today’s economic climate. The fundamentals are, of course, important but choosing a range that meet our skin's ever-changing conditions. Look for value, affordability and true results.

8.Any tips for fighting anti-ageing?
SUN PROTECTION ON A DAILY BASIS - Did you know that most sun damage accumulates with incidental visits out side (hanging washing, visits to corner store, collecting children from school) when we are oblivious to the damaging rays penetrating the cloud layers.

9.What are your thoughts on organic/paraben free skincare?
seems to me to be trend and a bit of a fad. I have yet to see any dramatic results in the war against anti-ageing or addressing specific skin conditions. However each to their own.

Parabens - for many years the debate has raged over the use of parabens in topical skincare products. Used in cosmetic preparations since ancient roman times we believe this ingredient, in minuscule portions, preserves the life of the products whilst maintaining the integrity of the skin. Many leading skincare specialists have campaigned hard to deliver the message that such ingredients are not harmful to the skin.

10.Hopes for the future of the brand?
To survive in the 21st century our beauty brand Alpha-H has to be available through multi channels.Consumers research their beauty needs through an ever-changing variety of media sources and the internet, direct marketing, shopping TV, salon specialized retailing has become the new library and directories.

‘Information equals education and awareness’ - consumers no longer want to invest in just a brand, they want ownership and they want to be educated and empowered enough to make the right choices for their skin. Our service and product will continue to provide a vital connection to consumers alike who want honest, assured and effective products.

What a woman...and a brand.

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