Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pilates anyone?

Now that I've conquered yoga (eh, not quite) I'm on a mission to try other forms of exercise that will really help me become more toned, lithe and ultimately similar in stature to Gisele Bundchen. Hmm...

First on my list is a course of Dynamic Mat Pilates classes at TenPilates in Chiswick. For anyone that suffers from a bad back (mine can be a killer after 12 hours in front of a laptop) or for those that want to add a super effective workout routine into their week, it's the perfect solution. I've heard that it helps you to achieve goals that you couldn't in normal Pilates and is ideal for people who aren't yet confident enough to do Reformer classes.
Think mat work, think pace, think hard work, think results.

Remember, bikini season isn't that for off.

T: 020 8969 9677

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