Monday, 16 February 2009

The Beauty Spot: Trish Rubin of Bath Junkie

This week I am seriously thrilled to be talking to this lady, Trish Rubin, Brand Manager of Bath Junkie. Trish and I crossed paths while I was perusing in downtown NY in late 2008, and stumbled across the heavenly Bath Junkie. I was immediately made to feel one of the family and I couldn't believe what a remarkable brand I'd accident! Trish and the team made understanding their brand easy, and I really wanted to know (and buy) more!

Now I want to bring that brand to you and who better to explain their philosophy and collection than Trish, perhaps one of the most hard-working women I've ever had the pleaure to meet.

Read on for more...

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I’m a business development consultant specialising in promoting businesses and individuals in brand development, engagement and leveraged networking worldwide.

2. What is your background and how did you get involved with Bath Junkie?
I’m a longtime educator and trainer and have travelled worldwide developing programmes for school organisations. I chose to use my networking skills as a foundation of a business career. I wrote a successful book on networking that launched the fun. My degrees are varied…education and organizational. I have two Masters degrees, one in Education…and an Ivy league degree in Governmental Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

3. Explain Bath Junkie’s concept and philosophy...
Bath junkie is bath stuff designed by You… 4 U, by U…simple! We offer 40 base products including, lotions, oils, body washes, shampoos for custom blending of 203 scents. The bath junkie experience knows no bound and fits into any culture where people want to treat themselves to affordable luxury within an experienced based destination! YOU decide how the product is made.

4. Describe a day in your life…
A day is NEVER the same for me. I meet with clients and “brainbang”, I give presentations, I produce events like Morning Networking SINGS, I spend time in bath junkie meeting people and planning and executing all sorts of gatherings, I write…and I play in NYCall, all the while promoting bath junkie and my other clients…an esthetic dentist named Bob Sorin, who has a wonderful brand…Health Comfort and Beauty…the Washington Square Hotel… Jaffe Estate Wineries... See me on, and You tube! I work tirelessly to strategically partner my cients with each other and with the outside world. I am now talking to a UK concern… about becoming my next client! They have awesome products and they are in LONDON! I combine work and socialising to create buzz for myself and my clients!

5. What are some of the hero products in the Bath Junkie line?
Our Exfoliating Salt Scrub and matching Body Dessert are the signature products. Our fortune cookie soaps are adorable.

6. Who else do you admire in the beauty world?
In this environment, I’d say we are all in it together…I learn from all of our colleagues in the Beauty Biz.

7. Does Bath Junkie sell products that are not just for bathing?
Our products lend themselves to showering…great in NYC where some people don’t have room for tubs! We also carry fun bath accessories, robes, towels...

8. Are you planning to open in the UK soon?
We’d very much like to talk with people. Having a connection to Aroma Hme is a great step!We’ve had interest in the UK from people here in NYC since we are largely a franchise concern we are happy to spread the joy! We are opening stores in Denmark next however…I plan to be in London in April AND LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN TO SPREAD THE WORD!

9. What is Bath Junkie’s policy on recycling and ‘being green’?
Bath junkie has a complete green programme featured online

10. Hopes for the future of the brand?
Worldwide domination LOL! Our mission is to cover the world with “smelly goodness”, according to our President!

Yes, another inspiring lady, and brand to get the entrepreneurial juices flowing, huh? Let's hope we'll get to experience Bath Junkie in the UK very soon.

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