Monday, 30 November 2009

The Beauty Spot: ELLE Magazine's Mademoiselle

The Beauty Scoop is very excited about today's interview victim, er, subject. Veering slightly off beauty but, I feel, ramping up the glam factor by a thousand notches, I have the pleasure of introducing British ELLE magazine's infamous blogger/columnist and fashion insider (who shall remain nameless), Mademoiselle.

Let's find out about her fashionable life... Jealous, moi?

The Beauty Spot: Mademoiselle - Confessions of an ELLE girl

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m the alter ego of somebody who works at British ELLE!

How did you get to where you are now?
I would love to answer I slept my way to the top but given I’ve only ever worked for women in my career that would be a terrible lie. I live by the mantra be nice to people and honest with yourself and pretty much anything is achievable.

Describe a day in your life...
Wake up grumpy. Smile at one very scruffy out stretched dog lying beside me. Agonise over what to wear. Continue to agonise over what to wear. Arrive at work late. Spend 10 minutes Googling G-Wiz cars in an attempt to get to avoid public transport forever. Guzzle down two Starbucks. Poke around the fashion cupboard. Meet with Editor. Go for lunch with somebody really fabulous. Try not to drink the champagne at press appointments before 5pm. Type furiously on Blackberry all day long in the manner of a very busy fashion type person.

Must-have winter wardrobe item(s)?
My Preen parka is currently having it’s second winter outing and I don’t care whether it’s AW08; tis fabulously warm and cosy. I live in men’s cashmere jumpers from GAP and frost proof tights by Falke. I’ve ditched UGGS for Churches brogues this winter.

Who are your favourite designers (and why?)
I love Stella, Miu Miu and Lanvin, edgy yet feminine and totally wearable especially the commercial non-catwalk collections and especially wearable for moi when they hit the sale rack.

Who else do you admire in the industry?
Mrs B from Browns, Karl Lagerfeld and Miuccia Prada for their creative vision. Oh, also my Editor, naturally.

What's the most 'fashion' thing you've ever done?
There have been so many fashion moments. My favourite is dancing with Mick Jagger at a fashion party in Paris, or was it when I danced with Prince at Nobu, no it was when I called up Johnny Depp in his hotel room and asked him to come to a fashion show with me the following day, errr I was drunk, sorry Vanessa. Or the season when I asked for all carbs, snacks, sweets and alcohol to be removed from my hotel room in every fashion city because I was on a diet. Or the time I partied with Kevin Bacon and the backstreet boys in Donatella Versace’s apartment in Milan. I could dedicate an entire blog to my fashion moments, so let’s stop there.

What's your desert island beauty product?
Dior Backstage Mascara, with blonde eyelashes like these I even scare the tarantulas away.

Who or what could you not live without?
My dog, he’s always there for me and is a human trapped inside a dog’s body. He’s amazing! I also love my best friend Kim an enormous amount and am not sure if had to choose between them what I would do… please don’t make me choose.

What's your favourite Fashion Week city?
Paris, it’s romantic, there are more gaps between the shows and therefore the whole experience is way more relaxing* than Milan. *more shopping time for us Editors.

What more do you want to achieve?
I need to start staying in a bit more in order to write my book. Maybe I ought to be monitored by the police and have an ankle tag fitted. A writing curfew would help.

What tips do you have for any aspiring fashion journalists?
Be brave. Believe in yourself. Never give up.

Wise words indeed. Mademoiselle, you rock.
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