Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Top Dior Christmas Products

Prepare to want to part with some money...

I've just seen these beautiful Christmas products from Christian Dior, and I'm worried for His Lordship. Not only does he have to buy me an engagement ring, he might also have to come with me to the nearest Dior counter and hand over his Amex. Naughty me.

First up in my top picks of the new line is the elegant centrepiece, the Cristal Boréal locket (£55.00) from which the rest of the collection is formed. An oval pendant, reminiscent of the backs of the armchairs in Christian Dior’s studio at 30 Avenue Montaigne, the locket is covered with crystals and inlaid with Swarovski stones (including 4 Aurora Borealis crystals - hence the name, I imagine). Inside lies a sumptuous lip gloss... imagine pulling this out at your Christmas party?! Available in Purple Crystal or Pink Crystal hues.

Second up is the Cristal Boréal Eyeshadow (£19.50). In keeping with the star product, the collector's edition eye shadows are embossed with a raised crystal motif. Available in Silver Gem or Purple Gem.

Gulp. They're too nice to resist. And they're limited edition so you've got to buy them, right?

Available nationwide now.

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