Tuesday, 12 May 2009


It's all about doing what's right for you - what you eat, when you sleep, who you date, who you avoid, who you contact, where you live... the list is endless... and it shouldn't stop at your make-up decisions.

As always, the brilliant Bobbi Brown has come up with another product to satisfy even the most insatiable beauty appetite - and lets you, the consumer, choose what you want to buy in what format and in what colour... superb!

Remember these 3 words -

Customise. Simplify. Organise.

Bobbi’s come up with a fantastic make-up concept where you can create a bespoke palette to suit your personal make-up wardrobe, including:
Lip Gloss, Foundation, Eye Shadow (Base, Lid and Liner) in matt, shimmer and metallic, Blush (Base and Pop) in matt and shimmer.

Bobbi says: “The Customise. Simplify. Organise system is designed for women to customise their makeup and be their own make-up artists. It’s an easy way to take less but have more.”

The concept is all about going back to basics, creating a palette that is perfect for your make-up needs and easy on-the-go travel size make-up that is plane friendly (perfect for your summer holidays).

Check out this amazing online application where you can build your own palette on the Bobbi Brown website

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Stockists details: 0870 034 2566/www.bobbibrown.co.uk

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