Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lippie Love

I'm not really a massive lipstick wearer - hope Mum (aka Krystal Carrington) isn't reading this - she'd be ashamed! However, I occasionally leave the lipgloss behind and plump instead for it's more difficult-to-wear peer, i.e. the lipstick.
One brand that I'm loving at the moment (and not just for their lippie) is bellápierre. They've re-formulated their mineral range of lipstick and added even more mineral pigments, iron oxides and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The new smooth and silky formula delivers long-lasting, moisturising and nourishing colour and doesn't feel clogging on the lips. It also contains minerals such as Titanium Dioxide, which provides natural protection from the sun all year round.

The range includes five shades (pictured below from left to right), from nude to bright red. It also doesn't contain nasties like lanolin, bismuth oxychloride or parabens.

It's v nice indeed.

bellápierre lipstick costs £22.99
www.bellapierre.com or call 0800 0234 190

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