Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Get Posh's 'Do

I don't know about you, but I was quite impressed with Victoria Beckham at her recent Armani underwear launch at Macy's in NYC. Not only did she look sleek and trim, her hair also looked rather cool - and cool is not something that I normally associate with the globetrotting starlet.

I have long hair, but for all you ladies who have a similar length of tresses to Posh, listen up as Shay Dempsey, Design Specialist at Sebastian Professional takes us through the tips required to re-create VB's glossy, bed-head 'do.

To start, apply Sebastian Professional Texturizer (£16.50) onto wet hair, and then blast dry with a hair dryer to give root lift. This will show off the layers within the haircut.

For the finish to this simple style, put some Sebastian Professional Matt Putty (£13.50) onto the tips of your fingers, and pull the layers away to give definition, paying particular attention to the tips

Simple, no?

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