Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Beauty Spot: Susan Posnick

When a brand claims to be "the simple solution for busy women who want to put their best face forward in the least amount of time," I simply can't resist. I want to dive in and find out more, and experiment with all the fabulous products, of course.

First things first though, let's get to know the founder of Susan Posnick Cosmetics, the Susan Posnick. Get ready to be impressed...

Who are you and what do you do?
I'm Susan Posnick, the founder of Susan Posnick Cosmetics whose philosophy is to make beauty simple for women of all ages and all lifestyles by offering a line of make-up that combines unique formulations with innovative, portable packaging.

How did you start in the beauty industry and how did do you get to where you are today?
I was a make-up artist, travelling internationally working in film fashion and beauty having the time of my life painting the faces of models, celebrities and rock stars when out of the blue in 1998, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I decided to step back for a while and focus on developing a product with substantial sun protection that wouldn't feel heavy or cakey or melt off in the heat - and that was how my very first product ColorFlo mineral foundation was born. As time went on, I saw a need for beauty necessities - products that were portable, practical yet stylish, multi-purpose, but also products that were natural and kind to the skin.

Can’t live without beauty item(s)?
The great thing about my products is that they can all easily fit into the smallest of make-up bags as they are all pretty much dual ended and multi-purpose so I can carry all of my must have items! If I had to choose my can't live withouts, I'd say ColorFlo as its fool proof - you have your mineral powder, brush and SPF26 all in one swirl of a brush and you don't need to worry about it for the rest of the day! Oh and my new ColorEssential lipcolors - they are enriched with paracress which is a sustainable South African plant with antioxidant properties and also pomegranate which is super soothing and protects the delicate lip areas from free radicals.

Describe a day in your life...
Just recently it's been a whirlwind of travelling the world promoting my new ColorEssential lipcolor collection so it feels like I haven't had a typical day in so long! I've just returned to the States after launching it in the UK which was such fun but it's nice to be back home to spend some time with my daughter.

What are your thoughts on the beauty industry at the moment (trends, financial climate, organic, natural products, Dr brands etc)?
The bottom line is money -companies want you to replace everything, and often, because they make more money that way. In keeping with the idea of making beauty simple, it made more sense for me to make high quality, refillable products. The quality of the ColorFlo brush is so luxurious, I couldn’t fathom anyone throwing it away… economically and ecologically refillable products just made more sense.

With regards to trends for SS09, we are seeing a riot of red lips emerging but keeping things sheer - my ColorEssential in Milan suits this look perfectly. There is also a slow move into muted eye colors—taupe's, browns and grays, along with dusty corals, pinks, nudes on the lips. Another trend we’re seeing is really bright colors on the eyes, but in small doses (like a pop of color with ColorEyeDefine in Turquoise/Topaz).

What are your brand’s philosophies, and how do you put them into practice on a daily basis?
In a nutshell, Susan Posnick Cosmetics is the simple solution for busy women who want to put their best face forward in the least amount of time.

Name some hero products in the range...
My ColorFlo and also my ColorMe Mineral Blush as the formula is anti-bacterial and sweat proof and looks gorgeous and velvety on the skin. I love my ColorCorrect as it instantly brightens and corrects in seconds and or course my ColorEssentials. I'm really proud of these - we tested each shade on over 200 women to get their comments and to ensure that all five shades complement every skin tone and the feedback we had was just incredible.

Greatest achievement to date?
Overcoming several bouts of skin cancer and from that part of my life, going onto develop ColorFlo.

Hopes for the future?
On a personal note, I’m looking towards the next step of my life as I prepare my daughter for university and her life beyond…also, I want to continue to work smart, have fun and attempt to keep a balance in my life, at least most of the time!

For the brand, it's about continuing to develop innovative beauty products that people love and want to use - as simple as that!


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