Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A is for absolute must!

If you haven't heard of this little beauty of an eye serum, you're missing out.

One of my fave brands, Alpha-H, has just launched Absolute Eye Complex (£32) which is a beautifully hydrating serum, formulated to use over your entire eye area to help combat all your enemies; dark circles, puffiness, hooded eyelids and fine lines.

The mild flower acids, derived from Hibiscus Petals, help to resurface and repair the delicate eye tissue, while the skin-lifting Peptides firm and reduce swelling. Hyaluronic Acid replaces lost moisture and the addition of light-reflecting particles add luminosity to give you that 'just add a pash with my current man friend' type glow.

Top tip - it works as a great eye make-up primer and can be applied under make-up to revitalise and refresh the skin during the day.

Your eyes are one of your most important features - make sure you make the most of them.

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