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The Beauty Spot: Kristy Goodger

Meet Kristy Goodger, Founder of Elemental Herbology, a range dedicated to maintaining beautiful skin, helping to restore equilibrium when environmental, lifestyle and hormonal fluctuations dramatically alter the mechanisms of skin.

By combining advanced levels of cosmetic technology with potent levels of botanical, mineral and marine actives Elemental Herbology offers naturally active, results-driven products and spa treatments. Designed to cool, clear and calm in the summer, repair, infuse and hydrate in the winter and boost and nurture over-exposed skin all year round, Elemental Herbology works in harmony with your body’s changing needs.

Let's go and find out what it's all about...

How did you start in the beauty industry and how did do you get to where you are today?
I am a qualified practioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have studied various modalities of body therapy (Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Thai Massage etc). After I completed my studies in Australia I travelled to the UK and started working in the spa industry before undertaking a consultancy role in product and treatment development as the Spa Development Manager for Space NK in London.

Can’t live without beauty item(s)?
Cell Food – every morning and night, Wind and Cold therapy for my hands nails and lips and Facial Glow once or twice a week.

Describe a day in your life...
I travel a lot so when I am abroad it is quite hectic and involves back-to-back meetings with Distributor’s, buyers and press appointments. However, when I am in the UK, I always start the day with a cup of tea in bed before going for a run or yoga class (certainly not every morning but most weekdays!) which is great stress relief and doesn’t make me feel so guilty for sitting at a desk all day. I am normally in the office by 9.30am to return emails and make calls. As we work with the US, Asia and Australia there is always a lot going on outside of ‘normal’ office hours that needs to be dealt with first thing. Lunch is usually at my desk and the afternoon is frequently spent focusing on marketing initiatives, design elements for new packaging and concepts for product and treatment development. I always try to have a great evening meal and ‘down time’ with my husband, Raul before a long soak in the bath and bed!

What are your thoughts on the beauty industry at the moment (trends, financial climate, organic, natural products, Dr brands etc)?
I think given the current financial climate, consumers are looking for affordable quality. A product that delivers great results but not going to drain the bank account. There is definitely a trend towards the use of natural actives over synthetics. I recall when I first started working with Space NK we saw the first wave of Doctor brands that went on to dominate the market for the next five years. However, I believe today’s client is much more eco-conscious and wanting more out of their skincare that just visible results. We created Elemental Herbology to try and bridge this divide by creating a naturally active product that was both tactile and sensory but also capable of achieving serious results, with the added bonus that we also have a commitment to affordable quality.

What are your brand’s philosophies, and how do you put them into practice on a daily basis?
Elemental Herbology is really about restoring balance. So in this way, using the products you need on weekly or monthly basis that allows your skin to adapt to it changing needs. We really emphasis the importance of cleansing thoroughly every night and doing a home facial once per week, to include a thorough exfoliation, mask and reparative serum which when performed regularly will really improve the health and vitality of your skin.

Name some hero products in the range...
Wind and Cold Therapy – a multi-purpose balm that I slather over my hands and lips throughout the day. Cell Food which is literally food for the skin – an abundance of nutrients brighten and re-hydrates. It gives the skin such a nice glow you don’t have to use any foundation. Soothing Oil Free Hydrator – a super hydrator that it rammed packed with actives and leaves such a lovely velvety feeling on the skin. While our Sun Kiss that contains subtle levels of an eco-certified tanning agent derived from Sugar Beet launching this May I believe will be huge hit as we have already received phenomenal feedback.

Greatest achievement to date?
Definitely launching Elemental Herbology singlehandedly.

Who else do you admire in the beauty industry?

Nicky Kinnaird from Space NK is a true skincare guru with a inbuilt radar for what works and what doesn’t while building such a phenomenal and successful business. A true inspiration! While Susan Harmsworth for creating Espa, who have such a wonderful commitment to quality spa properties and training and development of their staff.

Hopes for the future?
To take Elemental Herbology global while maintaining our commitment to offering great customer service, affordable quality and beautiful, feel-good skincare.


1 comment:

Allison said...

Just started using this range recently & it's fantastic.

The products are effective & luxurious & a little goes a long way.

Bought most of the products after intitial trials and the only 1 I'm not sure about is the summer clean & clear cleanser but I prefer to use virgin coconut oil for cleansing after trying out all the top ranges.

However I'm loving everything else & so far very impressed with the facial peel & facial souffle which give glowing comfortable skin. The wind & cold therapy is great on your lips last thing night and gives plump lips onwaking that Ms Jolie would be envious of!!

Great interview with interesting insights & lovely products that have not upset my skin unlike some other naural high end ranges - keep up the good work!!

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