Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lierac Lover

Wedding dresses, mine in particular, don't tend to show massive amounts of skin. The only areas on show in my case are my arms, shoulders, neck and face. Aside from lifting the odd weight (and I will admit I've been fairly lax on the exercise front of late) I've started to apply Lierac's Body Activ Modelage Ultra Firming Body Cream on a daily basis to help my skin look more taut and toned.

The press release claims it is the "1st ultra-frming body treatment that helps restore the skin's 'stretching' abilities" so, obviously, I was very keen to give the product a whirl. The cream is rich and luxurious, gliding on and sinking in fast. I've only been using it for two days so far but I have no doubt that it is protecting, moisturising and helping to firm up my skin.

What I can't confirm yet is whether it really is helping to strengthen and re-tighten my skin. The press release claims that "rye extracts and a silicon derivative work to enhance the fibroblasts' abilities for 'stretching' and strengtehn the skin's suport structures, helping to restore tone and firmess."

I'll continue on my skin mission and report back with my findings in a month's time. Here's hoping... I've only got three weeks to be in tip-top shape!

To use: Gently massage cream all over your body, paying particular attention to arms and thighs.

£36 for 150ml

Avaiable from Harrods and independent pharmacies.

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