Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beauty Scoop is getting married

The time has come. Yes, I'm currently sitting here surrounded by bags, more bags and another bag in which my wedding dress is hiding - far from the eyes of His Lordship.

So, I've been bad at posting over the last few weeks but please don't hold it against me. I've been so manically busy getting ready for this day (well, Saturday), the biggest and most important of my life. I really cannot wait to say 'I do' and then have the biggest party with my closest family and friends - 125 of them, to be precise.

On Monday we fly in luxury to NYC before heading off to St Barts for a week so I'll be sure to write up any cool and exciting new beauty/fashion/things of interest on my return.

Missing you already.

This is the Beauty Scoop, LJP, signing off.



the girl next door said...

Enjoy and take in every precious second!! Have a brill day x

Citybunch said...

Congrats & All the best.

Have a good time..


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